Sunday, October 18, 2009

BIRDS Ring Billed Gull

The gulls bounce in the choppy water watching fisherman as they toss bits of used minnows over the side. The scramble begins, which bird will get the feast? Wave a minnow in the air you have a group of them after it!

My children have fed them popcorn at Duluth, we see them in plowed fields eating worms, and the biggest niche, like crows, just may be fast food restaurants. Today, we are talking about the Ring-billed gull, which is only one of many of the 50 plus species.
Imagine, if you will, laying on the beach somewhere and taking a mini dip to cool off. Be aware that the gull will steal your food!
The gull in the picture was taken at Federal Dam, MN. It is resting on one of the river markers.

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