Friday, October 23, 2009

HALLOWEEN Let's go as germs!

Does anyone remember Halloween parties in grade school? Tom said they always bobbed for apples and the rule was you were not to trap it on the side and bite the bob. He went on to say he learned how to do this by watching the older kids. All of this conversation came during a news report about the swine flu and what we should do to remain healthy.

Think about the number of germs in that wash tub after 20+ kids went apple bobbing.

Think about how, in elementary school, we were to rinse our mouths out after lunch at the water fountain and spit the water back into the bowl.

Think about how the milk was passed out mid morning by children who where not instructed to wash their hands before handling the the uncovered straws.

At the market last night there was a sign, it said OUR STORE IS CLEAN. There was a box of sanitary wipes in the last isle, the container was sitting on the floor.

A woman in her thirties is in a spasm about germs. She hoped the establishment she worked for would wash the door knobs every couple of hours.

Shirley and I had an email conversation about this a few days ago. I told her that as a nurse's aide, we were instructed to wash our hands going in the room and out of the room. We were to wash long enough to sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" .

Washing included past the wrists, top and bottom of hands, physically between each finger and around each finger nail with the water running. Once finished, one was to wipe with paper towel, turn off water with paper towel, and open the door with a paper towel.

As for sneezing in one's elbow, what if you don't wear long sleeves?

I think I will go trick or treating as a can of Lysol.


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