Sunday, November 29, 2009


We did walk the mall from end to end last night and carried nothing out with us. It only bottle necked once, at the entrance to Macy's. Most of the people were in the 18-30 group. There were no little children. Other than one other older couple, Tom and I were the only ones.

I am thinking about Ella, who, when shopping, would spend that last nickel on a spool of thread before going home. We won't talk about the price of thread now! Who out there would know? The mall hosts no fabric shops.

There also were not a lot of packages being carried. One would think so, don't you think?

I was reminded of looking in a store called The Jewel Box in Thief River Falls on a snowy-like day in the winter of 1958. The window was decorated with cotton batting with sparkles. The lighting, as you all know, was adjusted to make everything shimmer in the light.

Including in the shimmer was a black onyx ring with a mini diamond set in the center. The setting had an ornate swirl around it. It was, in the eyes of a thirteen year old, the most beautiful and hardest wished for gift of the season. The price? $13.24. Was that too costly to wish for? Should I tell? Who should I tell?

I had that same feeling last night standing in front of a lighted and mirrored display of Swarovski Crystal. That stuff just pulls me into it. I did not leave nose prints but I did have a time pulling myself away.

Now, I had looked at the pieces on line before, because they were featured as an item for a 40th wedding anniversary. It the real they truly sparked, on line, they were just simply beautiful.

Perhaps windows at jewelry stores and crystals are like friendships on line and in the real. Friendships in the real you can see the sparkle but on line one sees the beauty. Think about it.

And press your nose against a wish.


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