Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jefferson Highway

Old Trunks read with much interest about a gentleman who was driving the Jefferson Highway at this time. The trip was known as the Pine to Palm, meaning from Canada to New Orleans. If you would like to follow him, his address is

We are reminded that a couple of years ago, Old Trunks and Worn Shoes did a blog about the highway using the information out of the Thief River Falls Times. If you have interest in reading the old articles, it is posted on the blog on November 24, 2007. One can key in Jefferson Highway in the search box and redeem it.

What a terrific thing to do, don't you think? It is a great time of the year, no snow, much sun! They are living in style as they are driving a motor home and pulling a car. They were towing the car in first gear and burned up the engine so it is used for storage. He also forgot his camera however, the quality of his cell phone photos is really quite good.

Where did I see the article? It is in today's copy of Northern Watch which is published in Thief River Falls, MN as their Saturday paper. Just key in Northern Watch and it will pop up for you.

Meanwhile, I am going to follow this fellow and read his blog.


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