Sunday, November 15, 2009


Tom and I frequently go to the same place for a light lunch on weekends while running errands. The cost is the same because we order the same thing, most of the time. I was looking in my coin purse for the three pennies to make up the pay out for lunch. I had three cents but one of them happened to be a 1907 Indian head penny!

It is not that it has so much worth, ($1-8, depending on the condition), but think about how many times that penny changed hands and how it managed to be given to me as change somewhere at a cash purchase!

My grand parents were still living when this penny was minted. My grand parents weren't even married!

We can figure one could buy much candy for a penny, but what else? It wasn't enough for a pound of sugar, which sold 25 pounds for $1. A clothing pattern was a dime, as was a "Man size bottle" of cure all.

Check your change. Think about an old piece may have been. Who knows, it may have been used by your family!


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