Monday, November 30, 2009


Have you seen the ad with the lady that receives the compliment for her pretty red sweater? She states her husband got it for her; her child gives it away saying, "Mommy bought it herself".

Are we in such a need we think we have to gift ourselves? How many people do it?

The other day, someone I know bought a set of dishes saying, "The other's are falling apart". Dishes do not fall apart unless you put them in the washing machine and don't stop the machine before it begins to agitate~~IF it does agitate, it will aggravate the dishes, and yes, then, they will fall apart. :) Trust me, I know. I have first hand experience.

In a recent pictorial review, I saw those lovely Currier and Ives dishes that did not survive the motion of the machine. Just missed stopping it by a nano second.

So, Tom asks if I want dishes. Do you know how many sets of dishes we have?? And do you know what we use? We serve ourselves in the kitchen; family style takes too many dishes. We use glass plates. I change the place mats which made the plates look different. Would like I like place mats? I love place mats.

The problem is, everything rotates. The same place mats are not used all the time. Just like the same earrings~~oops, I take that back. Most people change earrings often, unless one of mine falls out~~which gives me a chance to panic and rejoice when found~~I don't change them.

Which brings me to the last point of today's soap box. If one gifts something to you, isn't it your right to do what you wish with the item? If you do not wear, let's say, a piece of jewelry long term should the other be offended? I don't think so.

Let's quote Ella: "One gets the gift and the other gets the blessing"



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