Monday, November 23, 2009

To be Thankful...............

Old Trunks could yammer on about family, friends, warm house, and food. And all of you can, as well.

My grandfather used to say, "If you don't have your health, you ain't got nothing". For those of you who aren't in the best of health, we wish you the best of health. We appreciate your inner strength to go day after day feeling used up upon wake up. Most of us haven't experienced that and we take our abilities to move about without thought.

I am thinking about my grandfather this morning and how, at 98, he sold his bicycle. Yes, he rode around town on his three wheeler and when he ran into the back of parked cars, cussed the car for being parked there.

Benhard was a grand man alive in his old body. Enough so to play solitaire each morning until he won. Sometimes he didn't get ready for the day very early because he was about to win before he did. In his later years, it wasn't unusual to see him in a five o'clock shadow well into the day.

We have to know this man of 98 had to have had body parts that hurt or didn't work. Yet, he endured. Why? How?

We need to walk in someone's shoes to understand not only Benhard, but others for whom we are thankful they keep on going long past a finish line others would have said ENUF!!!

And, that is what I am yammering about this morning.


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