Friday, November 27, 2009


Old Trunks is thinking about the Rosewood News. My grandparents motored to Warren to have Thanksgiving with Otto and Loriene. Now, motoring to Warren, which is about 30 miles was a long way back when cars lacked the power of today. It certainly may have been an over night stay.

Let me tell you about Otto and Lorene. Otto was Benhard's half brother. After Seri died, Knute married Kari. There was truly, yours, mine, and ours.

Otto and Lorene lived in a stone house next to the Snake River. It was an open airy sort of house which seemed to have more room that most. It is certain the table was well spread with a host of delicious foods.

Although I am totally for bringing a hostess gift, it generally wasn't done as it wouldn't be long before the Rosewood News in the local paper would say Otto Ranum's of Warren were over night guests of Benhard Ranum's.

It was common in that era to travel, what seemed like a long distance, stay over night to visit and play games, with this foursome, it meant cards; five hundred rummy and pitch were favorites.

It would be interesting what the topics of conversation where at the Thanksgiving table. My guess is there were clanging of silver ware against plates and motions to pass dishes brimming with hot, well prepared food.

As for the day after, left over goods, perhaps stored on the back porch because the fridge was too small OR if not, it cooled faster.

What's on your porch? One kettle on ours.

Leftovers for the weekend.

Extra cranberries frozen for Christmas

Full, vow to never eat again will pass, honest.

Meanwhile waddle as a turkey would.

Black Friday? How about After-the-feast-Friday.



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