Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have yet to understand how people who hate to shop, do it on the busiest day of the year. Instead of black Friday it has become bad attitude or black attitude.

Have you done it? Have you camped out or stood in line for hours? Is it a cult thing?

Once upon a time in another life, a car dealership was selling a few cars for a very small amount. The idea was first come first serve so, after getting off the swing shift, we went to the dealership at 1am on a nice summer night and waited for the customer service person to arrive. We didn't know that people had showed up before the dealership closed for the evening and they allowed people to stay in the cars. That means, of course, the cars were claimed several hours before we arrived. And to think I thought that big dog was protecting the car!

That was the Alpha and the Omega of standing in line, sitting on a concrete step, or anything else that is a longer wait than 10 minutes, including restaurants.

Faith went out at 2:30 this morning, a cousin said she got roped into going to a preppy shop, and all the people that came to the optical shop did not go shopping. Yet, the news is everywhere about long lines and unanswered phones. One person I know went for a Wii at 4A, the store opened at five, the line was snake like through the parking lot. Now, I know, $30 is $3o but it is really a buy considering hours of time?

And what about all these bargains. Are they Christmas gifts, or is it a time when people buy something for themselves, clothes for example. And what about the bargain price of x much, which is really the regular price? Are we conned?

Mother and daddy went shopping one night. ONE NIGHT. They bought gifts for everyone on their list, one gift each, and for the most part, shopped at stores that had a service of gift wrapping. Even Ole's Northern Supply.

Let me tell you about it. I got cowboy boots for Christmas one year, a practical and necessary thing. But when I opened them, it was two boots for the left foot. But, daddy called Ole on Christmas morning and he opened the store to get a right boot. Now I could ride with an open stirrup!

Mr. J is home. He does not have a black attitude. He bought himself some sort of an exercise machine to replace the treadmill in the basement which is covered with cobwebs. But, hey, it was on sale.

Chin up, smile.


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