Sunday, November 22, 2009


Nah, doesn't have anything to do with senior citizen's joining the Sunshine Club to plant flowers for the city. It has to do with my mother-in-law who turned friend years later.

I was thinking about her this morning as I made ready for the day. She was at our house for a visit before she married Walt. It was the time when we laughed about staying up so late and how I opened the oven door for her to sit on lest she fall over AND the search for go-go boots to fit her thighs.

In this case, it had to do with her moving forward in fashion sense as well as make up. Yes, make up. She wanted to try eye shadow.

Now, we know that in the late 50's, eye shadow came in a tube, like lipstick, it was great for taunt eye lids. It was also the source in the mid seventies.

Our problem was if you have wrinkled eye lids, the tube skips about. I told her she had wrinkled eye lids and she laughed. She was about the age I am now and wrinkled eye lids are no laughing matter. See, how grand she was about accepting?

Now, we all know that make up and infocommericals are not aimed at the Social Security Age, rather, those that THINK they have a problem, but do not. Well, not in comparison to SSA!

And so this morning while I air apply my make up and keep it out of the crevices that time has formed, I am thinking about Ella the Sport. When I get to the eye shadow, I dab it on while looking in a 8X lighted mirror. Air eye shadow is available, I just haven't found a color suitable yet, nor is the beauty bank full enough.

And, Soozi, what about those 6" long hairs which seem to have grown over night, what is the deal with that?

Now, many of you probably don't wear make up and never did. I don't know why I do, I suppose vanity or is it just part of readiness for the day? Soozi, I laughed when you said, "When I die, be sure I have eye brows". Now, it isn't so funny. I think I am going to find a pattern, as for now, one is ^ and the other is ) (except not on its side). And to think I laughed at Sharon in HS putting on her brows.

Wanna wrinkle?


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