Monday, November 9, 2009


Perhaps it has happened to you. Perhaps you remember something that wasn't quite the real truth or at least THEE way it happened. Maybe we prefer to remember it as we remember it. I am not getting any points for reuse of words, am I?

In leafing through the pages of the Prowler, which is the Lincoln High School year book, I saw the word SPUTNIK.

Yes! I remembered it, it was that Russian space craft with the dog in it! In my mind, I could see our collie cross, Troubles, being a space person, although I knew the dog was much smaller and remembered him as being a terrier like dog. Old Trunks remembers the news as the dog doing well in space and talking about the Space Dog. It was November of 1957.

The Russians said they were monitoring its vitals. They lied. The dog died a few hours after launch from over heating. If the dog would not have died on launch, the plan was to feed him poison on the tenth day although they said they were going to parachute him down on re-entry.

My inner question now is, where did they get her, anyway?


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