Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Mystery of the Four Women

The gentleman in the picture is Reverend Olaf Anderson.

We don't know who the women are.

We know they are graduates of something.

If you were a minister, what sort of teaching would you be doing?

We think it is a confirmation class.

Yet, don't they look just a little old?

How old were you were when you were confirmed?

Do these women look thirteen?

The picture was taken in Thief River Falls.
We know the first picture was taken in 1912 as it was cropped from a picture where his son, Lloyd was a baby. Which picture looks older to you?
Since Reverend Anderson had churches in Rosewood and in Plummer, I am thinking it is a confirmation group from Plummer.
Let's do this: Let's send this picture to someone in the city of Plummer and see if we can get some leads! The only churches in Plummer now are both Lutheran.
The email is written, facts to follow!