Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Help me up on this soap box, too.

There is no excuse for saying you don't have money to gift someone. An example of this is last year, when Old Trunks wrote in three $1 journals, the memories of each of the kids. Handwritten, from the marvelous memories, and not so marvelous memories of their child hood(s). Seventy five pages of random disorder with no time line. Only their eyes would pick up on it. My daughter sent a laugh and cry note. She remembered. I was blessed she was gifted for $1.

Which brings me to my grandparents gift to each of their 5 grandchildren. We got $2 in pennies each year. Cousin Judy and I would go into the bedroom, empty the button can and pitch pennies into in amongst the pillows. When it was time to go home, we gathered and counted the pennies, several missing, of course, but we had a great time with them. We learned this was more fun than buttons because they all weighed the same.

I told a friend about this the other day. She has never written a letter on the computer. She didn't know how. Somehow, I always seem to be able to teach her step by step. She emailed last night that she had been able to do it and print the letters for mailing. She has accepted that sending a card IS a BIG DEAL to the receiver. One doesn't even have to have a card, a letter will do. Imagine how much Tom appreciated pictures drawn by his grand daughter. So much so they are in the album with the pictures. That is a place of honor.

There are people out there that would accept a hug as a huge gift. It will form a perfect circle. They will give it back. Try it, and don't come whining to me about you have no money for a gift.

Still a turd.


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