Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is the anniversary of the birth of Ella Elvina Rye. If you knew her, celebrate your status with her, regardless of what it might have been.

Perhaps it was her wisdom, no that isn't it.

Maybe it was her compassion for others. No that isn't it.

Maybe it was her willingness to give out of her need, no that wasn't it.

Maybe it was her open door policy, no that wasn't it either.

Try to put a finger on what all she was and I wish you the best of luck. It had nothing about her being secretive about herself. She was open book. Her wealth was herself and her interactions with others. I was one of those people.

Today I will watch the flash backs in my memories of the moments the two of us shared. Giggles and serious moments, family stories and the never empty coffee pot.

Perhaps you didn't know her. Did you know someone like her? Then, in your honor, find that person who will camp within you for all time and give yourself a hug in their honor.


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