Wednesday, December 16, 2009


If you knew my sweet Thomas, you would know he is practical and practically has horror when it comes to gifting. He simply wants to put his finger on the right pulse. Although I have stated for years I would really like to get down to one gift each to each other, he is concerned that the one gift won't be right. So his gifts are wrapped in a little sweat and worry. Poor, dear Thomas.

And to make this all work, when he sees me see something that, according to him, make my eyes sparkle, he buys it on the spot and charges it off to a holiday or other special occasion. So it may be May that I get my birthday gift or it may be early December when I get a Christmas gift.

Recently we were shopping for crystal. While in the mall, we went to a store called The Classic. It is a wonderful store with items of imaginations run wild. A couple of years ago, Bob, Tom's son, gave me an angel from that store. There were three sizes and we tried for months to get another one or two.

When we went to Classic, there was the next size up along with a Christmas tree bell out of the same metal. The find was exciting for both of us. I thought we had an agreement that he would wrap it and I would receive it at Christmas time. No, that didn't happen. He took them out of the box and set them on the table. And I said, "TOOOOOOOOOOOM!" and he said, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?"

We hunted on the net looking for more of them. There is no sticker, no name, no nothing. So it was truly a grand find and a great gift. And I wish he would stop talking about a golden loon with a diamond eye, because, you see, I have the sweetest of angels, his name is Thomas.

Angels we have heard on high now sit on the dining room table. Forgive the tubs in the back ground. The decorating is in progress and the tubs are not part of it! Or are they?


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