Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, it isn't THAT bad but Lincoln High School, Thief River Falls, MN has a crack in its wall. They sent the students home as well as the faculty, just in case their may be an earthquake like problem.

Old Trunks first heard of this from Shirley, who emailed me the article written in the Grand Forks Herald and published on 11/30/09.

Now, those of you who attended Lincoln remember the wooded floors of 'old Lincoln'. Think about this. There were two floors and a basement. Noon dancing happened it what was referenced as the old gym. Wooden stairs ascended to where the Principal's office was. Are you getting a feel for this? That was the building of 1911.

Although there was an addition in 1930, it was not as significant as the the addition of 1938 (as stated on TV this morning). Much of the that addition had terrazzo flooring; granite looking. In this remodeling, the front entrance with the trophy cases was added, as well as the auditorium, band room, Home EC., and gym.

History waters itself down, Probably because the nit, nit facts may not seem important. When they showed the crack in the wall on TV this morning, I could see the terrazzo flooring but there wasn't enough video pan to tell just where it was. None the less, it appears to be where the old and the new link together; hundreds and hundreds of possible places, don't you think?

Old Trunks blogged about this sometime ago. The article is about the remodeling and addition of the new wing(s). If you wish to turn to it, simply type TERRAZZO in the search box. It is the only hit you will get! Someone were in this blog, there is also an aerial view where you can see the buildings from the sky. Looking....looking.....

Doesn't this just crack you up?

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