Saturday, December 5, 2009


The idea of being enthralled with something as a child has mushroomed. Although the first post was stated as if the author of the post didn't have any tiger's by the tail, she has realized she actually did.

What, you ask? Wizard of Oz, for one. And who amongst us doesn't have a thing for ruby slippers and the yellow brick road.

The post was answered by a number of folks, mostly in their early forties. Much of it was book series. Yes, we do remember the Judy Blume books, Nancy Drew, and Trixie Beldon.

That searches me back to the dog and horse stories I read in grade school and how, in parts that were sad, I had to stop to cry because I was right there was, for example, Tawny, got hurt.

It is perfectly okay to have craze, crushes, fetishes, and fascinations. Why, because I said so. And that won't end until the fat lady sings.

Delusional in Fargo.


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