Monday, December 7, 2009


Her name is Karen and she lives in Wisconsin. Old Trunks asked her what she did as a child. This is her answer. Do you fit in with this?

I had brothers so I played a lot of boy stuff. Seems like cars and trucks was the most and war. We lived next to a sand pit and it was all white and nice. The lady that owned it would chase us off if she saw us go there. Suppose it was dangerous. We slid down all the banks,dug holes and ran off the bad guys.

We also had a play house my dad moved in. It was once a chicken coop.Had one window and a wooden door with a huge spring to keep it closed. we played in there a lot

. I remember a small green metal table.When they moved a lot was stolen during trips to the next town.

What ever possessed you to kick start my memory bank? Jim and Jerry were my best friends for most my life. it was a small town and seemed everyone was about the same age.

We sled, skated, played ball and night games.

Winter all the snow games. There was one about Chinese tag, you had to kiss who you found .Suppose the boys made that one up?

My oldest brother had a horse for awhile,I was always afraid of it. it didn't last long as it chased us kids and dad got mad at it.

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