Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We like to think of the word FREE as just that. No obligation. FREE TO DO WITH IT WHAT YOU WISH.

It is 5 AM on a Sunday morning. It is dark outside and the house is quiet. Old Trunks is working on a project for a friend. I needed FREE Christian music to finish the job. After Googling ten sites and going through the process of nearly finishing registration, there it was! Bill me $19.95 a month. Geez, it was easier to find, "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". And that isn't country! :)

Not classical
Not country
Not big band

FREE Christian

We did have a plan develop yesterday at the pawn shop. Although there was a white haired women rifling the racks for country music, there was no one in the area that Christian music might be. Both of us looked diligently for ten minutes before we called it a bust. We made a pass at the numerous settings of diamonds, saw much carbon and left. We had a FREE look at the pawn shop.

I am back to "Amazing Grace".

At least in the spiritual world, God's love is, indeed, FREE.


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