Saturday, December 19, 2009


Shirley started it. SHIRLEY!!! :)

At Christmas of 1966, Shirley brought Rachel, then a less than three month old child, a little red Christmas stocking, which we hung on the tree. It seemed like such a great idea and it has continued through out the years.

Old Trunks talks about this today because when she saw the pictures of my daughter and grand daughter's tree, I looked twice, hardly believing that white kitten and a wooded ornament with Rags written on it, were actually still around. I also saw a little house with a thatched like roof.

Rachel commented on how she liked them, especially those which had been dated. And as I told her, if I knew then, what I know now, they would have been dated and documented. (There may have been a list somewhere, long gone by now).

It is amazing how things get started and continue. What are your traditions? Do you send cards? Do you always have a tree? What about a wreath on the door? Are you a Christmas Eve family or a Christmas Day family. Do you have stockings? Where are they hung?

Let's hope evening has some sort of tradition that makes their Christmas unique to their group.


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