Thursday, December 10, 2009


Aren't we something? Our grandparents didn't have electricity. They had kerosene lamps and the fuel was conserved. Maybe they went to bed when it was dark, (and cold) and got up at day light. In several days, we will be at the shortest DAYLIGHT of the year, then, huzzah, the days will start to get longer.

Here we are, however, living in a Society of the Internet and for some, it is a life line to friendships not other wise had because of miles or for some, because they are shut in because of age or illness. Instant pen pals, perhaps.

I am thinking today of a gent I met recently. He is an Alpha Male. Major Alpha Male and on line, comes across as a decision maker mogul as well as something with a sense of humor that makes one turn their head to know them better. Ever met any one like that on line?

Because I have been a junky for so long, I had a radar on only because how could an Alpha Male be on line most of the day, trading and selling on a game called Farmville with such exactness. One of the skills or gifts I had long before the net was simply listening and waiting. Now I know why he is on so much.

But what does he do and what do the rest of us Farmville fiends do when the power goes out on Farmville? One lady actually did some filing and cleaning. Another went to another game. Who knows where Alpha Male is, probably on a paradise like island.

Perhaps the simplicity of a kerosene lamp has its merits. It gives are brains a chance to rest.

Be still inside.

Power up.

Be all you can be, even if you are Alpha male with stage three cancer and still has a sense of humor after five surgeries.

God bless us one and all.


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