Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We have evolved! Although I was in my fifties before I learned the value of a glue gun, I certainly met the best way to burn fingers and smiled about it.

I remember grandma mixing up flour and water and calling it paste. It didn't work. I wanted it to work, but it never did.

At home we had that gooey junk that came in a jar with a brush. Did you have that? That didn't seem to be much of a product either.

My brother liked to put airplane glue on his hands and then peel it off. I think he was a sniffer. I never remember him building model air planes.

Kids had Elmer's Glue. School glue. Then glue sticks that always dried out.

Where is this going?

It is time to wrap packages. Do you call it Scotch Tape? The precursor to the current tapes was developed in the 1930s in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Richard Drew to seal a then-new transparent material known as cellophane tape. If you went to a store today and asked for cellophane tape, would the clerk know what you were talking about?

Another thing I use for wrapping is the hot glue gun. Nothing like a pencil line of hot glue on a package to hold down a silk flower! It doesn't work well for chocolate squares, however!

Beyond the packages, what holds you together at holiday time?


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