Friday, February 13, 2009


Old Trunks is convinced we learn our first body English from watching our parents. Mother's have a look that tells us we are in trouble. I remember so well Ryen saying, "His voice is saying one thing but his Body English is saying another."

Shifty Eyes
To build bonds and trustworthiness, actively concentrate on looking people in the eye not only when you are speaking but when they start talking as well.

Crossed Arms
Crossed arms make you appear guarded, unapproachable, and on the defense, as though you have something to hide from the people in the room with you. However!!! I did go to a seminar once and the lady had her hands in her arm pits because she had cold hands!

Broad Grin Showing your teeth
eager, confident, and pleasant

There was a man who conducted auctions at the Rindal Church. He had that huge grin, as did Orvis at a shoe store.

Makes other's uncomfortable
Means you don't tolerate sit down meetings well
Try health care to be on the move

Strong Stance
Great posture
Born leader

Legs open, Arms stretched out, taking up space
Clearly comfortable with self
Taking up too much space in a small room is perceived as arrogant.

Leaning Toward the Person Who is Talking
Gracious listener

Poorly groomed
People will not take you seriously

We all know these. We have seen them throughout our lives starting as youngsters. Aren't we amazing creatures on how we can determine without words where people are coming from? Can we change it? Do we change it? When we see a loved one, who always walked tall become bent, do we stand them up in our minds?

Smile, show me your pearly whites!


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