Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Old Trunks has talked about handwriting before. I am still fascinated by it and the hand written letters I have are true examples of people which fit the categories below. I would have been interested in hand writing analysis as a profession. Let's look at these and see if it triggers any memories for you.

Itty Bitty
Detail oriented
Can squeeze a lot of information into one space
Consider occupations like pharmacy and newspaper

Large style
Large personality
Social Nature
Consider: Public relations and hospitality industry

Downward slanting letters
How are you being received by co workers

Upward slanting letters
Things are looking up
Others appreciate your energy
Consider: field of training and not for profit

Dark, bold strokes
Too much pressure? Aggression?
Consider: Banking or consulting

Faint, light strokes
Easy going
Sensitivity towards others
Too light? lack confidence or pep

Squished words and cramped sentences
No needed space when it comes to relationships
Consider: Education or recreation

Words and sentences extremely spaced out
Need space
Make effort to reach out
Consider: computer software and hardware

We are not talking about how the teacher showed us how to write letters when we were learned long hand, now called cursive. It isn't that alphabet just above the black board letters that were what we were supposed to be copying and seemed to be impossible to do so at eight. We are talking about the everyday sort of writing--that is, if you ever truly scribe anything anymore except perhaps a grocery list!

Get the lead out and write a paragraph!


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