Wednesday, February 11, 2009


My grandmothers and my mother did not shake hands if they could avoid it. We know that the woman is supposed to extend her hand first, they just didn't unless forced to do so for some reason. They never were taught how to shake. Even the dog had a better shake than mother. But then, Diamond shook hands with everyone.

Here are some brands of hand shakes to consider

Fail Safe
Connect the web between your index finger and thumb and firmly grasp and pump 2 or 3 times. Some hold the hand a moment longer, which is considered sincere.

The Rubber Glove
Politicians and clergy use this
While shaking hands the other hand is put over the hand shake.

Authors note: I hated this type of hand shake, it is like they are over powering you in a subtle way.

Queen's handshake
Offering just your fingertips indicates a sense of superiority.

Dead Fish Hand shake
Conveys weakness and lack of confidence

Also called the wet dish rag

The Terminator
Hard grip is sign of aggression

How did you learn to shake hands? Where you taught or did you take on the kind of some person that had a good one? Where has a good hand shake gotten you?


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