Thursday, February 26, 2009


The annual business meeting of the Mission Church congregation was held at the home of T. Mellem Saturday afternoon. The meeting opened with devotional singing and scripture readings by T. Mellem. Last years business was read and approved.

The officers for the coming year were selected:

Mrs. Carl Mellem, secretary
Mrs. Carl Bloom, treasurer
Carl Bloom, trustee
Carl Mellem, trustee
Mrs. Emil Mellem, monitor
Mr. Emil Mellem, monitor

Would you say that is keeping it in the family?

Other news from the snowbanks of Rosewood in the winter of 1929:

Peter Mellem and Gust Opseth went to Thief River Falls to bring home gears for Gust's Rumeley tractor which he will use for sawing lumber in the spring. Gust and Pete were planning ahead!

A carding party was staged at the Benhard Ranum home on Tuesday, a number of ladies from here and Thief River Falls attended. Did they play cards or did they make wool ready to spin?

AG Roos was out from Thief River Falls between trains on Thursday to attend to matters of business. Couldn't he have waited in the depot or the store instead of being between trains? Vision that.

Otto Lappegaard who is employed with the Soo Line bridging crew in eastern North Dakota spent Sunday with his home folks here. His brother, Clarence Lappegaard is now employed in Minneapolis.

No matter what the weather these folks were out and about. They gathered for business and pleasure and 'motored' to town. They came from far away to visit there families. That is pretty incredible considering their transportation and sources of heat.

I like to think that at each carding party, whether it be cards or wool, grandma put out a lunch as all families did when they had company. It didn't matter if the company was expected or not, it was the kind of wholesome get to gethers this group of Rosewood folks did.

In a conversation with a former class mate last summer, we talked about what we offered people who stopped by our homes. We agreed if special company was coming, we might bake a pie to serve but drop in company generally got coffee or a soda, if that was their choice. It amazes me how many people ask for a glass of water.

Now, whether it was a church meeting in the home, a carding party, visiting family from afar, you can bet your sweet bippy there was always food served. There was always enough, ALWAYS. And, like grandma, there was probably a place away from the house in a shed with frozen cookies, bars, and dough nuts to warm in the oven.

What's in your freezer for company? What would you serve if someone came to visit unexpectedly? Think about it.


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