Saturday, February 7, 2009


It is said there is a life extending pill which will be on the market in five years. In the mean while, if you believe all you read, these are the steps one should follow to get old enough to take the pill and of course, decrease the look of being aged. Too late! Prunie tunes in Fargo!!!

Drink wine made from dark grapes. The property is also found in peanuts. RESVERATROL Two glasses a day....ummmm....recommending increased consumption of red wine to boost resveratrol intake could certainly do more harm than good. In spite of any beneficial aspects, red wine and other alcoholic beverages pose health risks that include liver damage and physical addiction.

Eat less, they proved that in worms, flies, and rats.

Eat less sugar, Sugarh.

Worry less about cholesterol and more about the ratio between the good and bad and triglyceritites.

Quiet your mind, shhhhh.

Eat fish and this is why I am wrinkled.

Make connections, with what? INTERNET BUDS!!!

Check your HOMOCYSTERINE level An Internet source says this is what makes the plaque build up.

Lower inflammation. Does this mean turn down the flame? What flame?

Enjoy the sun light in moderation of course, unless you have wrinkles. And of course:

Quit smoking
Loose weight
Go fishing and catch and release :)

And now where is that bridge? e

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