Wednesday, February 25, 2009


In the early years around Thief River Falls, people went by horse and buggy and got on a boat to go to Red Lake Falls to visit. Or, they went by train or stagecoach. Oh, and don't forget people actually walked!!!

Imagine what a great service it was to have the Triangle Transportation Company. The depot was located at 402 E 2nd Street. It was the late thirties. Although Old Trunks has no prices, let's see where we could go, hopefully, there was a bus at the other end to bring us back!

8:30 AM Warren, Argyle, and Winnipeg.

10:05 AM Red Lake Falls, Gonvick, Clearbrook, Brainerd, Duluth, and International Falls

10:45 AM Erskine, Mahnomen, Wadena, and Minneapolis

11:45 AM Red Lake Falls, Grand Forks, Fargo, Duluth, and International Falls. (Surely this was two different buses--Fargo is on the MN/ND border and Duluth is way across the state).

4:45 PM Red Lake Falls, Crookston, Grand Forks, Fargo, Minneapolis

8:00 PM Middle River, Grand Forks, Roseau, Warroad, International Falls.

F0r anyone living in the Thief River Falls area we know that if, indeed, these are routes, someone is going to be on the bus along time. Perhaps the train was still the best way to get to Minneapolis although it was a very long ride because of all the stops.

There was still a bus service in Thief River Falls in the early sixties. The bus from Grand Forks came to town at 12:05 and was never late. The depot was on the northwest corner of LaBree and Fourth, kitty corner from the telephone company office.

Ever ridden on a commerical bus? I did twice. I stood up all the way to Kansas City because it was so overly full. The driver made up time between KC and my destination. He was running 85 and the bus was in a full lope.

When did Greyhound or the Jefferson lines start?


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