Thursday, February 12, 2009


When Rachel was in school, she stated, "Messy desk, clear mind--Clear desk, messy mind". Well, let's run with that. Let's say you have a working area at home or at work. Let's look at what is on it at present. If it is a shared area, such as a spouse, then it should represent both parties. Obviously if you are working on a huge project, the pieces in use need to be available to accomplish your mission. We are talking.....let's say, over a period of a week or ten days.

Here are some desks to be considered:

Filled with photographs
Family oriented
Appear more dedicated to family than job

Bare bones
Interested in order
Perceived as not staying around very long
Consider: Profession where task is finished before moving on to the next one.

Candy land
Appreciates friendships

Consider: Communications
Author's note: I knew someone like candy land and the purpose was everyone stopped at the desk and told her what was happening about the building at each piece of candy.

Potpourri Paradise
Believe that create this THINK they are thoughtful
All that aroma is inconsiderate of others, (Includes perfume)

Gadgets Galore
Up for the challenge
Consider: Technology

Covered in Post It© notes
Hard worker
Needs time management
Consider stream line job

Desk full of flowers or plants
Attentive to detail

Full of Organizational Files and Folders
Loves order
Consider bookkeeping or auditing

Inspiriational and Motivational
Consider: Teaching and upper management

Decorated with Accolades and Awards
Proud of achievements
May appear aloof
Prove self worthy
Consider: Sales, legal, and entertainment

Sorry, there is not cataglory for unsorted piles one digs through to find some thing each time.

Tom and I share a dining room table. Although it's primary use is for meals, I do include at each change, something that represents both of us. We have just finished the TOM TABLE which, of course happens because January is his birthday month.

We have moved on to February and it contains live plants, a clay friendship circle, candles, and a gadget. Before the month is over, it will have greeting cards. Also in the dining room is a table filled with photos of the family.

Tom's desk has a filing system which is un named. Mine has gadgets and electronics, and a free space in the middle. I find things best if they are organized and named. But I also know that since the filing system is shared, it needs to be a simple find. That is harmony, without the e in front of it.

I personally do not like to spend an hour getting things together to work on them for 15 minutes. A good sense of organization lets me play more and hunt for items less.

What sort of work area do you support?


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