Thursday, February 19, 2009


Grandma and grandpa had supper early. The kitchen was cleaned up and the light was put out in the kitchen. It was time for them to watch Name that Tune. The contestants stood across the stage from two large ship's bells and the band started playing tunes. When a contestant knows the tune s/he runs across the stage to "ring the bell and name that tune!" Four tunes were played every game.

Each tune was worth increasing dollar amounts:
Tune #1 - $5
Tune #2 - $10
Tune #3 - $20
Tune #4 - $40

Both of them knew the tunes, the argument was which of the two of them thought they could out run each other to ring the bell first.

It was a simple reality show with not much cash lay out. Although it returned to television with a variety of different hosts over the years and the rules changed a little, it was not the same as the old black and white version with women in running shoes ringing a bell and naming the tune and my grandparents hollering out the name before the bell rang.



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