Monday, February 9, 2009


As far back as Old Trunks can remember, Body English has been a study for me. Perhaps it was the people watching from the car on LaBree Avenue with my dad that started it all. Although not an expert, I still do like to watch people when they are not aware of the study. Let's look at some of the different walks and think about someone we know that fits the description!

Speedy Gonzales
Gets things done
May over look details
Take time to speaker to others

Strutting your stuff
Big ego?
Strut with a humble smile
Make pleasant conversations as you walk

Heavy walking let's others know you are coming
Not suitable for some occupations
Wear rubber soled shoes NOT cowboy boots

Always behind the group in a walk
Signals you don't have interest
Wear more comfortable shoes
Pick a occupation where you don't have to keep up

Silent Sneaker
No one knows your coming
May not get noticed when you do arrive

Slumped shoulders
Lack of confidence
Work on it

Eyes straight ahead
Eyes on the future
Consider: Sales

Slow walker
Detail oriented
Pick a career where careful counts, i.e. health care

The Zig Zagger
May appear not to be efficient
Consider Retail

Eyes down
Not confident
May appear focused
Not interested in those around them
Pick profession where the work is right under your nose.
Learn eye contact.

Me? At the nursing home, families would comment on my posture and my eye contact with residents. Let's consider that I had two parents who walked tall. Who do we learn such traits from? Do we mirror the image of those we are walking beside?

Although I walk tall, I do not walk fast. What is the hurry, anyway? Where's the fire? Perhaps I stroll. How funny it must look when Tom walks several paces ahead of me as we head to the boat to fish. I just tell people he is looking for land mines and wants to keep me safe.

What's your voice on this?

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