Sunday, September 27, 2009

FISHING A Bass for Each Hand

Early morning catch on Munson Lake in September of 2009
Picture taken in the afternoon in the summer around 1950

Old Trunks loves this comparison. We all know that if you hold the fish out in front of you, it will, optically appear to be larger. Yet, in these pictures, the bass he caught as a child WERE larger. That is just how it is, most of the big fish have been harvested.
Fortunately, the DNR, (Department of Natural Resources) have done some great planning to bring the walleye population back to many lakes, including Leech Lake. They have adjusted the slot limit of what you can keep. What is slot limit? It, in the case of walleye means only one over twenty inches. In some areas of Minnesota one may not keep anything less than fourteen inches. This has helped the population explode at Leech.
His name is Paul, he trolls for walleye in his boat daily. He lives at the lake from opener in early May until sometime in October. Yes, he is married and his wife lives in Albert Lea, which is on the southern border of Minnesota and Iowa; about 300 miles. His wife and grand daughter visit throughout the summer. Paul keeps enough fish to eat, the rest he releases.
When you ask Paul how the fishing was, he will state the number he caught and the number of keepers. He is seventy-seven now and out on the water all days that are possible. We are all better for knowing him and call him the Mayor. :)
The picture of Tom as a child was taken on the porch of the house in Sabin. It appears the fish have been gutted. Most likely they were transported from one of those family fishing trips.

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