Tuesday, September 22, 2009

FISHING A family Affair

Our family and the Dorothy, Larry, Gene, Melinda, Natalie, and Bobbie Jo family from Paola, KS decided to go fishing on the rocks by the dam at Clinton Lake. No boat, just several people sitting on the rocks with fishing rods. Dorothy held her grand daughter, Bobbie Jo who had been born the September before.

While adults fished, Natalie and Bud played like they were eating the minnows which were used for bait. Have no fear, it was just a set up!

Did we catch fish? Don't remember.
Did we eat the fish we may have caught? Don't remember.

I remember Ryen sitting in his dad's lap holding the rod and, of course, the minnow caper.

Bobbie Jo is 26 tomorrow. She was born on 23 September of 1982. Happy Birthday, Bobbie Jo!


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