Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Before Rachel started 6th grade, she was concerned about the teacher she would get because the teacher glared. We would learn the teacher did this because she didn't see well in the hall way. The woman was a great teacher and seemed to have a real feel for students who had anxiety about tests. She allowed Rachel to take math tests at home. She also was the driving force in getting this gifted child to understand the need for an outline, although Rachel had a gene which allowed her to pick up a pen and write with a mental outline. Rachel finished elementary school honorably and headed for South Junior High and a new world with new friends in the fall.

Bud did well in sixth grade. Besides playing baseball, he liked to hang out with his buddies and play video games at LaMans. This may have been the year the supervisor of the shopping mall strip put Bud and Matt's bikes away for dropping by the front door instead of using the bike rack provided. There is more to that story, let's skip that and just say he got his bike back.

We were living at Cedarwood when Ryen, also called 'The Little Professor" when he was in sixth grade. The idea of a Valentine box came up very close to the day. He had designed a beatnik looking head. We used impregnated gauze like you do on a cast. Since we had no rubber or vinyl gloves, I told him I would do it encase the solution caused a problem. It turned out great and was dry the next morning. I woke up with my fingers glued together. I would be on the road that day and as I drove, I bit and pulled the stuff off my hands with my teeth. My hands were raw and the layers of skin were damaged. They would not be normal again for several years.

So ends the chapters of School Days.


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