Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SCHOOL DAYS Children's Third Grade

Again I will state the importance of sticking up for one's child. Rachel had a menopausal teacher in third grade. The lady had been teaching for years and the hope was she would be a good match. It only took one time of her saying Rachel had not turned in her work to make me question just how this was going to go.

How could you possibly keep her after class when she told you she turned it in? Where was it? It was found in the trash, it had slide off her desk.

Yes, I know that teachers and all professionals are not saints and not above making judgment calls that are not completely thought out. So at the conference in the fall, I took Rachel with me. I wanted the teacher to apologize to her, which she did and after that, if menopausal was struggling she wasn't after my daughter.

It was Rachel's third year as a brownie, she would fly up in the spring. She, along with the troop that met at our house, was so much fun. We had a great time together and I learned about other girls Rachel's age.

Bud's third grade year went by in a blur. Ryen was born in the fall and took up most of the time. Bud continued to play ball, ride bikes with his buddies, and generally do well in school. It seemed odd not being a room mother for the first year in many.

When Ryen was in third grade, he was spending time learning with his sister. She was in college and taught him more 'playing school' than he could learn in elementary school. They were very close then and still are. It is a remarkable relationship, much to be admired.

Did you ever vote in class?


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