Thursday, September 24, 2009

FISHING Cast that Dare Devil

Now if you ask Soozi what the best lure is, she will, no doubt say a Dare Devil. It is a big lure generally painted red and white on one side and silver like on the other. It has a treble hook at the end. It is considered one of the best lures for big pike and muskie. It was a must in all tackle boxes of that era.

I did not know why Soozi spent so much time on the river bank near their home on Eighth Street. Later I learned her mother sent her with her dad to make sure he didn't fall in!!!

I am wondering if there is a picture of Soozi holding a pike and if so, did she catch it? Did the family eat fish?

Every time I take a silver minnow out of the tackle box, which is a cousin to the Dare Devil, I cast it and say, "This one's for you!"


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