Friday, September 18, 2009

FISHING Rachel and the book

Another Crappie hole at spawn time and another year.

We where up against the shore fishing in the brush. It is possible it was Christmas trees tied together and sunk by the DNR to attract Crappies to spawn in the area.

We were all there. Rachel was fishing and reading a book at the same time. Yes, she can multi-task.

It seemed as if she caught a fish every time she put her bait in the water. After eight fish, she exclaimed she wasn't able to read her book.

Now, Bud, not having the advantage of being right on top of a school of fish as Rachel did, was trying to pop his line into her spot.

What you have to realize is Rachel was fishing very still, whereas Bud was jigging his rig. Rachel also did a soft set to catch the fish and Bud possibly set so hard he pulled the hook right out of their paper thin mouth.

It reminded me of my brother, Greg, who, while fishing for walleye at Lake of the Woods, would sleep in the bottom of the boat with his line over the side and catch most of the fish because he was fishing so still. So still, in fact that someone had to wake him to tell him he had a fish on.


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