Friday, September 11, 2009

SCHOOL DAYS Children's Fourth Grade

Rachel hit a good stride as a fourth grader, she had a great teacher who knew how to teach and get her class to respond to her methods. Rachel would also get glasses and learn grass came in blades not just a patch of green. Long parts to plays were given to Rachel because her ability to memorize was significant.

Although I did not agree with the principal on putting all these dear friends together, it all worked out and there were special friends in both classes. The other group of fourth graders had an older teacher, if you where nice you got good marks and some of the children actually got lazy, or worked on their lazy spirit.

Junior Scouts were marching in parades and going on long hikes next to the river. One time, we came upon a leader who had fallen on rocks and cut her head. The junior troop tied the hair together to pull the gap shut. I would later learn that Ellen when to the ER and the doctors there said the tied job was so good he left it along. They were a great group and got along well. For those of you involved in scouting at any level, you know girls this age come into a time when they are truly responsible as a group.

Bud as a fourth grader had that old teacher, it would be her last year. His grades were good and he and his buddies had a good time. The only problem was the music teacher and for some reason the kids made purple cookies and called them Miss S cookies and they would giggle. I still don't know why.

Another music teacher sweat a lot and always looked at his watch. What ever happened in that room still is unknown. I do know that Bud got a minus in music with all the rest of the marks at HS. I talked to the principal about this difference and the grade was changed.

In the spring of 1989, while Ryen finished the fourth grade, Rachel was to graduate from college, Bud from high school, and I was finishing up at trade school. Ryen wanted to graduate too! For Rachel's wedding he was willing to wear a button shirt and shorts but not to put that bow tie on. It was a world wind year. Ever have one like that?


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