Friday, September 25, 2009

FISHING Tom and the Bass

This is my Sweet Thomas standing by the old Chevy, holding a bass on a stringer in one hand and his rod/reel in another. As you see, clothes and a towel are draped or tied to the front of the vehicle.

Old Trunks is convinced he was born with the gift to fish! That happens when one comes for a true blue gill blue fishing family such as the Leslie Johnson family.

It is not known if Les, Tom's father, fished as a child. He lived, for a time at Newfolden, MN. There is no river or a lake near there. Les also lived in the Shelly or Halstad area. Both cities are close enough to ride a bike to the Red River of the North to fish. Therefore, I would say yes, and he was the kind of father to take his kids fishing with him. The love of the bite had to be internal. Out of three children who were taught, one is truly a fisher person.

Let's get back to the photograph. When the Johnson's fished using a boat, the boat was like a row boat. The five horse engine was taken out of the trunk of the black Chevy and mounted on the rented craft.

When Tom's sister was small, she and her mother, Erna, would stay on shore. Maryann would play and Erna would read. When it was time for lunch, a dish towel was waved and the "men" would come in for a picnic.

Look at the picture again. Look at the water beyond the trees at the back of the car. Those are reeds. That is bass habitat. Sixty years later, he is still fishing the reeds for bass.


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