Monday, September 21, 2009

FISHING Bud and the Cat fish

Who can say just what goes on in a 10 year old mind. There is reason and then there is reason....where does one stop and another one start. And decades later, does the child know why they did something? Or doesn't it matter?

Bud and his dad had taken the green boat to Clinton Park to fish one fall day. Bud caught a cat fish and wanted to keep it. The picture shows him in a stocking cap and jacket holding a net with the fish in it. The picture was taken at the side yard.

In a few minutes, he wanted to turn it loose. They took it to the river bridge and let it go. The cat fish had been out of the water for at least an hour. Of course it needs water to live.

I wonder if he knew that. It sounds like a Cat in the Hat story, does it not?


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