Monday, September 28, 2009

FISHING Ice Fishing

Tom holding speared pike in basement of parent's house 1960

This is probably the most famous picture of Tom with a fish. Besides being a photograph, it was turned into a illustration as a gift to him from Ryen. This is what Tom looked like when I first knew him as the next door neighbor in Thief River Falls. What's not to love?

Pictured is a freshman college student home on winter break. His dad, Les, had a fish house where one could spear fish OR angle. What is angle? That is when you put a line in the water in a small hole made with an auger. Spearfishing is a rectangle cut in the ice. Decoys are attached and hung in the water to draw the fish to the lure. The spear is used with a line attached. I am not that quick, are you?

This is a good example of a nice sized pike. We don't see many fishing bass and no one at the lodge talks about a big pike being caught.


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