Thursday, September 17, 2009

FISHING Bud and Kevin and the Puppets

Bud and his friend, Kevin, went fishing with Mr. Anderson. The favorite place to fish was from the rocks by the dam at Clinton Reservoir. Although we had a boat, this trip was in the evening until past dark.

Crappies were spawning and if you ever fished for Crappies during spawn, you know the the bite is on in a crappie bed.

And so it came to be they boys kept catching fish. They had agreed to clean their share. The goal was 100 fish which as they caught them, they put them into a wash tub to carry up the hill and to the vehicle.

Bud's dad and the two boys got home late. A light was rigged outside the garage and fish cleaning began. Oh it went well at first, yet before you could say "fishy, fishy in the brook" the boys had started to make puppets out of fish.

At first they used the entire fish and had conversations with them about what species they were and how they had come to be caught. That was a riot in itself but when they started to do it with the left overs after being filleted, no that was funny.

Despite coaching from father to start cleaning, the boys seemed deaf to the plea.

Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo had struck again.


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