Wednesday, September 23, 2009

FISHING Shirley and the Hook or was it a Safety Pin?

All hail Shirley.

This lady is multi-talented. In the early summer of 1962, I took her to the power dam in Thief River Falls as she wanted to fish.

In no time at all she had two paper grocery bags full of fish, which she took home to Rosewood to share with neighbors.

What is so worth the Hail to her is she the the minimum of equipment. Her talent to feel the bite made up for it. It was incredible.

Speaking of Shirley fishing, she wrote to say that when living with her sister on Eighth Street, she fished at the confluence of the two rivers and caught a Sheephead. She went on to say she cut open the head and looked at the rocks. Had she known they were good luck charms, she stated she would have kept them for me!


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lindy3t3 said...

Hey there E!!!
just popping in to say HI or shall I say ello?? We use to do alot of fishing here also.Just sorta got away from that.I have to agree with you on Shirley being multi talented.
Linda aka justme2