Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FISHING Little Boy with String of Fish

As Old Trunks has said, fishing and Tom seem to being at his beginning. This charming picture is of him lifting the stringer of fish out of the water to look at them while standing in the water.

I would guess that Les, the almost-always-photographer-of-the-family may have asked him to show the fish. We can see he is lifting them almost as high as he can. But the expression on is face, he is looking at the fish, of which, the fish closest to him is a walleye. How do we know that? It has a white tip on its tail fin.

This picture, along with the one of the slimy pike in the Johnson's basement are my favorites amongst the photos of his youth.

Let's hope all of us have memories and or photographs of childhood to go to when we need happy thoughts.

Good bye September


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