Thursday, April 29, 2010


There is a cartoon on line. It says "Kindle is an e-reader, like Kleenex means all tissue, and Jell-O means all gelatin.

Isn't it amazing how a few brands make it to that status? Did you ever, as a kid, once you knew this, NOT offer someone a tissue when they asked for a Kleenex and your household used another brand? Okay, you didn't but then, now and again, I was literal.

Help me out here, can you think of others? Here is a few to fuel your thoughts.

“AstroTurf” when we mean artificial turf

“Band-Aid” when we mean adhesive bandage

“Bondo” when we mean auto body filler

“Brillo Pad” when referring to any type of scouring pad made with steel wool embedded with soap

“Bubble Wrap” when we mean inflated cushioning

“ChapStick” when we mean lip balm, Tom says IVIO

“Clorox” when referring to any bleach, Mother said Hilex

“Coke” when referring to any soft drink or soda pop in general

“Crayola” when we mean crayons

“Crazy Glue” when referring to any type of fast-acting or instant glue

“Crock-Pot” when we mean slow cooker

“Cuisinart” when we mean food processor

“Discman” when we mean portable personal CD player

“Elmer’s” when referring to any type of adhesive glue

“Formica” when we mean plastic or wood laminate

“Frigidaire” when we mean refrigerator , Mrs. Johnson said refridge

“Frisbee” when we mean flying disc

“Saran Wrap” when we mean plastic wrap cling film; Liked that word so well we named a sorrel colt Red Saran

“Google” when we mean looking up something in a search engine used to say Ask Jeeves

“Hacky Sack” when we mean footbag

"Hula Hoop” when we mean toy hoop ring

“iPod” when referring to any type of personal portable media player

“Jacuzzi” when referring to any hot tub or whirlpool bath

“Jeep” when referring to any compact sport utility vehicle

“Jet Ski” when referring to any stand-up personal watercraft

“JumboTron” when referring to any large screen television

“Kool-Aid” when we mean cold sweetened flavored drink

“LazyBoy” when we mean recliner

“Levis” when referring to denim jeans

“Matchbox” or “HotWheels” when referring to any die cast toy cars

“Nintendo” when referring to any older video game console or system

“Otter Pops” when we mean ice pop or any plastic tube-filled-frozen-snack with flavored sugary liquid

“Photoshop” when we mean photo manipulation

“Ping Pong” when we mean table tennis

“Play-Doh” when referring to a modeling compound clay for children

“Polaroid” when we mean instant photograph or instant camera . Sort of dated, isn't it?

“Popsicle” when we mean an ice pop or any frozen confectionary treat on a stick. I just asked my son if he was eating popsicles NOT frozen confectionaries!

“Porta-Potty” when referring to a portable self-contained outhouse

“Post-its” when we mean sticky notes

“PowerPoint” when we mean electronic presentation

“Q-tips” when we mean cotton swabs

“Rollerblade” when referring to inline skates

“Scotch Tape” when we mean clear adhesive tape

“Sea-Doo” when we mean sit-down personal watercraft

“Sharpie” when we mean permanent marker

“Ski-Doo” when we mean snowmobile, at least for most, perhaps

“Speedo” when we mean skin-tight swim briefs

“Stanley Knife” when we mean utility knife

“Styrofoam” when we are referring to extruded polystyrene foam

“Super Heroes” when we mean superhero (“Super Heroes” is co-owned and trademarked by Marvel & DC Comics)

“Tampax” when referring to tampons

“Tarmac” when referring to asphalt road surface

“Taser” when we mean electroshock weapon

“Trojans” when referring to condoms

“Tupperware” when referring to any type of modular food storage containers

“Tylenol” when we referring to any over-the-counter pain reliever/fever reducer

“Vaseline” when we mean petroleum jelly

“Velcro” when referring to any hook-and-loop fastener

“Walkie-Talkie” when referring to any portable handheld radio or two-way radio transceiver

“Walkman” when we mean portable personal stereo player

“WaveRunner” when referring to any personal watercraft

“Wet Naps” or “Handi-Wipes” when referring to a moist towelette or wet wipe

“Windex” when referring to any glass and/or hard surface cleaner

“Winnebago” when referring to any Class A Recreational Vehicle or motorhome

“Wite-Out” when we mean correction fluid. We did go to an office supply store recently and I did look for Wite Out and did buy that product. It is made by Bic.

“X-Acto Knife” when referring to a precise cutting utility knife

“Xerox” when we mean photocopier or to make a photocopy

“Zig Zag” when referring to any rolling papers used for marijuana or tobacco

“Ziplock Bags” when referring to any type of reusable, re-sealable zipper type storage bags

“Zippo” when referring to refillable lighters


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