Sunday, April 11, 2010


Grandma Julia made the best meatloaf. She never said how she made it. Perhaps we wouldn't want to know. I am thinking it was bits and pieces of leftover pork, beef, and maybe chicken. It looked like potatoes but no bread.

We always had it for Christmas Eve supper. It was sliced very thin and served with scalloped potatoes. Odd, isn't it, when we think of holiday meals we don't think about meatloaf but to me, it was a treat because it was the only time of the year we had it.

Sometime this week, as I clean out the freezer of the bits and pieces of meat, I am going to make that meat loaf. If it is bad, we can always eat PB&J.

My question to you is, what did your grandma make that you never had anywhere else?


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