Thursday, April 8, 2010


..and she said, "If I see a new sex toy, I will try it out".........

Well, it seems like in all walks of life, people are people.

My grand mother was a domestic before she was married. She lived and worked in town. Her family, of course, lived in Rosewood. Now, I know my grandmother was a good worker, a great cook, and did her job. But considering her love to listen in on the party line, I wonder if she looked, touched, tried on, items of apparel that where not hers. I don't know if she used sex toys. When where they invented, anyway?

In my own family, we did have a housekeeper/live in for some months after mother came home from the San. Her name was Florence and she was AND IS a wonderful lady. We do exchange Christmas cards each year. It is hard to believe she actually is now feeling a need to move in with her daughter. How did this 'just out of high school' miss get to this age? Time, of course.

I have no idea how long she lived with us. I remember her ironing in the kitchen and listening to country western music. I remember Bud, her boyfriend and later her husband, coming to pick her up for a date, and I remember her crying with me when the dog got run over and we buried Jigs in the back yard.

You would have trusted her in your house. You would like her as a person.

Hire a Florence.


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