Saturday, April 24, 2010


It is said that child deserves a name that's whole in itself, and that was chosen with her parents' total enthusiasm. A little Tulip with big sisters Lily, Rose, Violet and Daisy has been shortchanged. Tulip comes across as just one more blossom in the bouquet, not an individual. The sibling set mattered more than her name. Worst of all, she'll always know that her parents considered her name fifth-best out of a very small pool.

A British comedy has Hyacinth, Rose, Violet, and Daisy.

Two daughters are Faith and Charity. What happened to Hope?

Why do people name an October baby April?

Are anagrams a way to go? Do you have an Alice and a Celia?

That almost makes Ryen a yern, (yearn) is you include A for his last name.

How can one mess up Rachel, except to add an a in there somewhere?

If we took Elodee, we would still have more e's than we would ever want on a Scrabble board. Or do we have an Odelee, (yodeling).

And if Bud went by Paul would he be Pal, which is another word for friend?

Someone asked recently if Elodee was Jewish. She is second cousin and has gone back in history saying some GGG or so was a Jewish woman and all the girls down the line had Jewish names. Like any name, there are bound to be numerous of sources.

I had Brownie Scouts with flower names. One was Hyacinth and for the life of me, I can't remember what the other one was, except it wasn't Crocus or Tulip. It wasn't Pansy, or Rose. It will come to me in the night.

If I could have a flower name........Well, it would not be daffodil or Holly Hock. That's what it was, her name was Holly!!!

Let's throw it into your court. Do you know why you were named what you where and why did you name your kids what you did?

Happy earth week.


Blue belle

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