Thursday, April 22, 2010


Todays mission, should I accept it, is to get the green ink off my hand. It exploded when I was making changes to a spread sheet. Why green? Because the teacher I had in trade school in the late 80's said green was for making changes. Connie taught me well.

It reminds me of when I was in sixth grade. It was still somewhat of a thing to use pens that you filled with ink. I happened to like to mix the ink and get a red/blue= purple color.

So I sat at my desk, which were new enough the ink well were there but not punched out. That part of the desk was flat, about 8" wide, as I remember.

I was wearing a watch plaid skirt with a can-can and a white blouse with a tie bow.

I pulled the lever back on the pen to load it and my desk got bumped. The ink jar slid down the desk and landed in my lap. The wool skirt soaked it up. The can-can was stained for the rest of its life. I don't know how the janitor got it out of the flooring.

Ball points had just hit the scene and Daddy had a gross of them with his construction company name on them. Although they dragged when you wrote and one needed a tissue to wipe away the goop that built up, at least it did not slide and spill.

So, I am an experience kink in the ink sort of person and plan the mastery of removal in a few moments.

Trust your day is NOT a pink stained can-can


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