Monday, April 26, 2010


Old Trunks wonders just where that vinyl sticky back stuff is which was used to 'dress up' the Bass Buggie. After all, most females pride themselves on knowing where everything is at all times. Well, almost always.

Take the case of the missing vinyl. The joke really started when, instead of me saying I want the rod with the fast action tip OR the 1 oz lure weight rod, I marked them with ribbons. I would simply say, I want the red and orange ones. Now, as much teehee as there was, my fishing bud wanted to know if I had any ideas about how to mark HIS rods, he didn't want ribbon. That is when I had the plan to find the vinyl. Which is at this time, still missing.

But what I did find was the bag of knee hi socks I 'lost'. Was I looking for the vinyl? No, I was looking for a printer we took home which wasn't compatible with one of the laptops that he took to work to use.

Wait, that doesn't make sense. If we had that printer out and brought it home, how could it be lost?

Sweet Thomas took the printer out of the north bedroom closet last week. No, it isn't heavy nor bulky, it is just in one of those places you have to do twisties to get to.

When we brought a different printer to the shop to hook up to the laptop, we took the other printer home. And Sweet Thomas said, "Where do you want this"? Thinking he would put it back in the north closet, I simply said, "In the closet."

One doesn't say in the closet to a husband, one says in the closet in the ___ room.

Remembering there were USB cords in the bag, as well as software disks, I wanted to place those items like with like. I went to the north closet to get the printer. It wasn't there.

But I found my knee highs!!!

Now, we have, in this house, a closet from hell. It is deep. It is full. It is clothes, costumes, Kleenex, and other. It is Cricket, suitcases. Christmas wrap, and other.

Although I do not practice calling Tom at work, I was baffled. Where was that printer? He knows we have an agreement not to put anything under beds, (its a feng shui thing). He said he had put it in the closet from hell near the iron. That means he had to snake through the hung clothes, past the tissue to nearly the back.

My mission today is to get the printer bag out and get the USB cords out. This IS a reason to have a cell phone. You have never been in this closet. The question is: Will I get reception?

The other question is: Where is the vinyl?

And my third question is, do you have a closet from hell?


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